5 things to expect when booking an outcall massage

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January 18, 2022
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Want to try an outcall massage, but you don’t know what to expect?

Sit back, relax, and let me walk you through the whole process.

Let’s begin!

The initial phone call

Most outcall massage providers give you more than one option to book a massage session.

You can call them and have a conversation that includes details about yourself and your location, as well as your preferences.

Or, you can contact them using various phone apps or by email. This information is usually provided on their website. However, don’t expect them to reply immediately.

So, if you’d like to enjoy an erotic massage in the comfort of your home or hotel room in the next 15 minutes to an hour, then make sure to call.

The person who answers the phone will need your name, phone number, and your exact address. All these details are necessary for the masseuse to reach you.

Don’t worry though, because they are discrete and they will not contact you unless you specifically ask them to.

They will also need to know what type of massage you’re looking for and for how long. You can typically choose between sessions of 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

There are also longer massage sessions you can opt for and the good news is they usually include going all the way.

This is when you should ask if you also have to pay for the masseuse’s taxi or parking fee.
Depending on the service provider chosen by you, you can expect the masseuse to get there 10 minutes before your booking or with a 20-minute delay.

Meeting your masseuse

The best outcall massage service in Bangkok will send the masseuse that you want to a location of your choice.

The good news is that most of the time, the girl looks exactly as advertised on the website.

However, to avoid unpleasant surprises, I recommend the luxury outcall massage services provided by Body Bliss in Bangkok.

At this point, you might realize that a not-so-attractive girl may show up at your door. In case this happens, you can politely refuse her and pay for her transportation.

But if you like the girl, then you can talk to her about additional extras.

Let’s say that you picked a 90-minute Tantric massage session. Before you pay for it (payments are always made upfront and in cash), you can discuss the possibility of going all the way.

If she agrees, you can give her the money and begin the fun part.

Setting the right mood

Regardless of which sensual massage you want, setting the mood is necessary. The massage you’re about to enjoy consists of high levels of intimacy. It is not a mechanical service.

Most girls prefer to listen to oriental, jazz, or other types of relaxing music during the massage. Even so, you can choose complete silence if that’s what you need.

However, to increase intimacy, you should dim the lights or pull the curtains.

While doing so, the masseuse of your choice will try to make you feel comfortable in her presence by talking to you and acting friendly.

She will tell you more about what she is going to do and prepare various massage oils or seaweed-based gels to pamper you with.

This would be a great time to switch your phone off and make sure that no one will interrupt you.

Enjoying the massage

After all the talking is done, don’t be surprised to see your masseuse start taking her clothes off. If the massage you’re getting is erotic, the girl will wear little to nothing at all.

Even if you don’t want to have sex with her and you ask for a Nuru massage or a body-to-body massage, you’ll both have to be naked.

She will touch you from head to toe.

In this regard, numerous men and women worry about their appearance and body hair. However, you must know these girls don’t care about these aspects.

They are experienced masseuses and they are eager to please you. Men, women, or couples, are equally invited to experience extremely-pleasing and ancient massaging techniques.

Experiencing the extras

An outcall massage service is not a pretty name for an escort service. What you will get will be a sensual massage that also has health benefits, not just sexual advantages.

In other words, the real spicy action will only begin after the massage is complete.

The exception to this rule is the Lingam massage that focuses on your penis or the Yoni massage that focuses on the female genitalia.

So, before you even think of the naughty stuff you asked for, expect her to make your sexual energy flow throughout your body.

She will empty your mind and help you focus on your body and on breathing. Even so, you are free to ejaculate whenever you feel like it.

The massage doesn’t end if you reach a climax. You can continue and ejaculate again.