9 services available in an outcall massage – An overview of the erotic delights you can choose from

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January 18, 2022
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January 20, 2022

So you want to enjoy an outcall massage in Bangkok, but you don’t know which services you can choose from?

First of all, I’d like to tell you that your imagination is the limit.

Second of all, if you feel uninspired or you’re new to this, you can choose from no less than 9 different services to spoil all your senses.


Sensual Massage

Are you looking for the ultimate arousal?

Picture this: You are fully naked in the comfort of your home or hotel room, and an attractive and professional sensual massage masseuse uses her skilled hands to stimulate the areas around your Lingam (penis) and other erogenous areas.

Your sexual arousal increases and you have to make a choice; to release your sexual energy or stop for a few minutes. It’s up to you whether you want to finish or not.

Tantric Massage

In a serene and relaxing atmosphere of your choice, you can succumb to a beautiful woman’s charms and skills.

A masseuse offers you a full body tantric massage that includes ample movements from head to toe. She uses special massage oils that confer tantalizing feelings.

This type of massage can help you discover new things about your body and control the level of your excitement.

While reaching a climax is not the ultimate purpose of the Tantric massage, you can feel free to ejaculate when you want.

Soapy Massage

You’ve tried everything? Not until you experience a soapy massage.

If you opt for an outcall massage, what you get is a full experience. A highly attractive and professional girl washes your body carefully and sensually. Then she moves onto the soapy massage.

Next, she massages every inch of your body and focuses on those areas you like the most. Again, you decide whether you want to ejaculate or not.

Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage is a must-try experience not only because it’s highly intimate and pleasurable, but also because the masseuse uses her entire body to stimulate yours.

Do you feel adventurous? Try a body-to-body massage that will make you reconsider the whole concept of massage.

Simply put, an eager and sexy girl slides her oiled body against yours. She uses an odorless massage lotion that makes both your bodies very slippery.

Another advantage is that the seaweed-based gel doesn’t become sticky.

Yoni Massage

Outcall massages aren’t meant for men only. This service proves it.

The Yoni massage focuses on a woman’s genitals. It’s a sensual experience that you can tempt your girlfriend with.

She doesn’t need to like girls to fully give in to the physical sensations that a dedicated masseuse can offer her.

An ancient erotic practice, the Yoni massage can activate a woman’s erotic energy and help her release it, too. Multiple orgasms are acceptable during the same massage session.

Lingam Massage

If you want to get an service that focuses on your penis rather than your entire body, then the Lingam massage is perfect for you.

The masseuse of your dreams can help you explore your sexuality with the help of ancient massaging techniques.

She will touch your penis, scrotum, pubic bone, and the area between your anus and penis, so make sure you are prepared for this.

These girls are professional and discrete, which means they can help you overcome your inhibitions.

Prostate massage

The sexual stimulation provided by a prostate massage extends to more than your penis and testicles.

A tender and attractive masseuse carefully explores your anus and prostate, while playing with your penis as well.

This type of massage requires you to fully relax. So, make sure you set the mood even before the girl arrives at the destination.

Kinky Service

The best service includes kinky services. These are very special services that allow you to make your fantasies a reality.

You are encouraged to think of less common sexual practices that you’d like to try. To be more precise, these services can include the use of sex toys and sexy costumes, as well as roleplaying.

If you’re tempted to try something from the BDSM area, you should know that face-sitting and sex games such as “Tease and denial” are among your options.

This service can teach you sometimes all you need to do is ask. Almost nothing is too daring for these desirable masseuses.

Erotic Body to Body Massage

Quite similar to the Nuru massage, the erotic body-to-body massage offers health benefits too.

While you lie on your back and enjoy the view, the masseuse focuses on every part of your body, which she massages using her breasts, buttocks, arms, and feet.

Keep in mind that she is also naked when she rubs her body against yours.

But, to get back to the health benefits, you can expect improved blood circulation and less muscle tension. In addition, you will sleep like a baby!