Can a partner Nuru massage help spice up your love life?

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February 2, 2022
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February 11, 2022

Some people still believe that any kind of love making is fine, but if you’ve been committed to just one relationship for a long time, you know how crucial it is to spice it up and try new things from time to time. In a relationship, it isn’t everything. However, keeping sit fun and exciting for you and your lover entails putting in the effort and not doing the same thing every day.

There are a few basic tricks you could apply to elevate things to the next level in your bedroom. The best part is that you don’t need to be an acrobat because it does not involve any athletic ability. It is usually straightforward stuff. This simple trick is what is called a Nuru massage.

To read more about what a Nuru massage is, check out this article.

This massage can be carried out on an air mattress, a bed, or a massage table. The most important thing to consider when choosing where to carry out this massage is comfort.

Benefits of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage has been proven to be very beneficial. Some of its benefits include improvements in mental health, great love life for couples, and a significant boost in general well-being. They also help relax muscles and moisturize the skin. Even toxins can be eliminated with a massage, this depends on the technique used by the masseuse.

Can A Nuru Massage Spice Up Your Love Life?

Nuru massage can help you spice up the love life between you and your partner. Nuru massage is not just any kind of massage, it is a massage that involves both your mind and body. You have to be fully involved in order to truly enjoy it. If the person being massaged is a man, it is often not possible to hide the physical excitement caused by the intense body contact. Therefore, lovers are encouraged to practice Nuru massage as it will help spice up their love lives. Giving your partner a sensual massage does not have to be a source of anxiety or intimidation. After all, everyone loves a massage!

For lovers, an erotic massage brings a whole new depth to the relationship and also makes your partner feel amazing. If you have ever wanted to spice up your love life, then this massage is for you. With this massage, you and your partner can explore each other’s bodies in a new and thrilling way. To promote sexual excitement between couples, the Nuru massage focuses on various erogenous parts of the body. Nuru massage can help break down the barrier between partners who find it difficult to be truly intimate during love making. Before you go into the massage fully, it is advisable to;

Set the Mood

While erotic massages like this are mostly about touch, setting the mood with scents and sounds can also enhance the overall experience. Preparing the atmosphere for a Nuru massage is important for getting the overall benefit of a Nuru massage.

Get a Nuru gel

Having a massage gel or oil is an important item needed for a massage. This gel or oil allows you to slide over your partner’s body with less friction. It leaves you both with soft, supple skin and the scents allow you to relax and get into the mood.

How To Enjoy Nuru Massage With Your Partner

In order to enjoy a Nuru massage, it has to be done appropriately. Do not worry if you are a first-timer, as each step will be properly explained.
To begin with, ensure that you and your partner are oiled up. Once this is done, you can start by caressing the face gently. As you encourage your partner to relax and relieve any tension that may be present, gently press your fingers against their temples. This will make your partner feel incredibly sexual while you move down to the other parts of the body.

It is usually recommended to save the best for last. Hence, as you massage your partner’s body, avoid the genitals. Doing this will heighten his or her sexual desire. This desire for touch will be exploited at the appropriate time. Maintain eye contact with your partner during this Nuru massage session, as this will help you know the right spots that they react to.

Always endeavor to savor every moment. Once every muscle in your lover’s body has been caressed, only then can you move to the erotic part of the experience. Slowly progressing to the genitals, tease your partner a little more and watch him/her become engrossed in sexual excitement. Do not be in a hurry. Be open-minded as you gently explore the genitals. If your partner is a female, do not dive into the entire genitals at once; take them piece by piece until you feel she can’t hold them any longer. At this point, you can move into genital penetration and stroke her with passion, love, and tenderness.

Seek Help From Nuru Experts

Hopefully, some of these Nuru massage techniques may assist you in improving your love life for the benefit of both your partner and yourself. But, before you go try them out, we’d want to leave you with a few final remarks.

Keep in mind that it isn’t about crossing items off a to-do list. Intimacy, connection, and shared pleasure are all important aspects of it. Also, know that good love making isn’t about innovation. It’s all about how you and your partner feel during the whole process.

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