Can Tantric Massage Help Your Sex Life

What is a Tantric Massage and Can You Try it at Home
January 23, 2022
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February 2, 2022

Do you feel like your sex life has become dull and monotonous? Are you running out of ideas on how to get the excitement back? Don’t worry, I’ve been there.

You probably think you have tried everything you could, but believe me when I say that if you haven’t tried a tantric massage, you’re really missing out.

One of the most common questions people thinking about getting a tantric massage face is whether it can help their sex life. In short, yes – but only if practiced right. However, before diving into the science behind it, let’s first see what tantra actually is!

As a bonus, I’ll also walk you through the process of preparing for a tantric massage if you and your partner are considering giving it a try – but more on that later!

What is Tantra?

To be honest, you have to experience tantra to truly understand it. However, I’ll do what I do best and I’ll use my words to try to capture the amazing experience called tantra.

People often confuse tantra – or tantric massages in general – as a sexual experience. In reality, tantra means a spiritual connection with your soul and/or another being’s soul. Tantra helps you dig deeper into discovering yourself and it helps you reach new heights with your spiritual self.

That being said, can tantra help your sex life?

Can Tantra Free You to New Adventures in the Bed and Boost Your Sex Drive?

Now, I personally have found that tantra has helped me elevate my sex life on a new level, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have the same effects on you. What I know for a fact though, is that there’s no harm in trying – and I strongly encourage you to go for it – especially if the magic in your relationship is slowly fading away.

The Dos and Don’ts of Trying a Tantric Massage with Your Partner

First things first; you and your partner need to be on the same page if you’re to experience the bliss of tantra. Tantra is about communion, togetherness – if your partner is willing to explore new lands with you, a tantric massage might just be the sparkle your relationship is missing. Note that you should not force him/her to try it just because you think it is worth trying – I’ve tried it with my ex who wasn’t into the idea, and… well, he’s my ex.

Instead, talk it out first. Try to make your partner consider it at first and then slowly build up the right moment to try this otherworldly experience. If you manage to make things go your way, let’s see how to set up the proper mood!

The ABCs of Trying a Tantric Massage with your Bae to Improve Your Sex Life

If you want to make this experience even more special, you need to put some thought into planning, the plan into motion, and things into preparation. Think of it this way: when you truly want to connect with someone, you make love to the person, you don’t just rip your clothes off of each other. Okay, the latter happens a lot too, but when you’re planning a romantic night with your loved one to rekindle that spark from when you first met, you try to get every single detail right.

Tantra is not different – at least not in that sense. You’ll need to do a few things to set the mood, but at the end, it’ll be all, oh, so worth it.

YoniGet in the right mindset

Before anything else, you need to start with your mind. Clear it from distracting thoughts and focus on the one thing that matters at that moment – the massage itself. You can do that in a few different ways, it’s entirely up to you. For starters, It can be by a short meditation or just doing something you usually do to clear your mind. Whatever helps you get in a floating-like state of mind, without feeling or thinking too much or anything at all – do that. You do you, boo!

Turn your space into a tantric massage-friendly environment

After you have fully prepared to let yourself enjoy the benefits of a tantric massage, you need to make sure you prepare the space so you can get the most out of this experience.

You can start by getting the room temperature to your and your partner’s preferences, put on some ambient music, maybe some scented candles to show your significant other that you truly care, and last but not least, get the room lighting right – spoken from personal experience, the light is everything!

Are those butterflies I hear in your stomach? Oh, it’s my stomach, never mind, it’s its way of saying I need to call my partner and schedule a tantric massage date night!

How to be Sure you are Doing the Right Thing

Now, you’re probably thinking, but what if I am not doing something right? Or, how can I know if everything is going according to plan? Well, that’s the thing; there’s no such thing as a rule book when it comes to tantric massage. You are free to try new things and you have to let your imagination do its thing.

What matters the most is to get in tune with your body like never before, to free your mind and body to the sensational art of tantric massage.

Now, I can’t tell you what effects a tantric massage will have on you and your sex life, but for me, it was a life-changing experience. Coming from my point of view, the practice of tantric massage has helped me connect with my partner even more in a way that I didn’t think existed. How can I put this? Before practicing tantric massage, our sex life could be called “Gone in 60 seconds”. But now, it’s more like “50 Shades of Gray”, if you know what I mean.

So, how can you know if you’re doing the right thing? As long as it feels good, you’re nailing it!

Outcall Tantric Massage

If your partner isn’t open to the idea of trying tantric massage, you can always ask for a professional to do it. Tantric massage doesn’t have to include sex, so it shouldn’t be considered cheating. If you’re single and in a desperate need of some TLC, don’t wait a second longer to treat yourself with a tantric massage from a tantric massage service.

If you need some pointers, let me steer you in the right direction – Body Bliss is the best outcall massage service provider out there! They stand out from the crowd and they are known to offer services like no other. It is also quite simple to schedule a massage. You can visit their website, choose the girl that tickles your fancy, and just have an awesome time – simple as that.


Taking everything into consideration, tantric massage is definitely a mystical experience that I would recommend everyone to try. Whether is with your partner or with a hired expert, it will allow your mind to travel to a magical new world of intense sexual fantasies which in turn, will greatly improve your sex life.

And don’t get me wrong, as I said, tantra is not a sexual experience but if you’re willing to add some penetration to it, it will make your experience feel almost ethereal.

Good luck and remember to have fun and enjoy!