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6 Ways to Fully Enjoy an Outcall Massage With a Twist
October 13, 2021

The outcall massage Bangkok services are booming, and for good reason. These services include practices that extend back thousands of years. Pretty and attractive professionals have mastered them and they are ready 24/7 to welcome you into their world, one full of pleasure and relaxation.

Read further to find out more details about various types of massages and where you can get one. In terms of new experiences, Bangkok has a lot to offer. You will know exactly what you need and how to get it at the end of this article. 

Complete Massage Services Explained

When you want to get a massage, you have to typically make an appointment at a specialized massage parlor or spa. Then, when the time comes, you are expected to arrive on the dot and discuss various details regarding the technique you’re after. If you are a fan of erotic massages, you also have to go through an entire masseuse-picking process, which can be uncomfortable for most. 

An outcall massage, whether it’s erotic or therapeutic, saves you the hassle of doing any of the above-mentioned things. You can call for luxury massage services from the comfort of your accommodations and expect the masseuse to arrive at the time you agreed. Or, she could arrive 15 minutes earlier in case she has her own equipment to assemble, such as a portable massage table.

You can enjoy this type of massage in the comfort of your home or at a hotel. If you are just visiting Bangkok, we are happy to recommend a few massaging techniques that you must try.

There’s a big chance you won’t be able to enjoy them in other parts of the world at moment.

Different Types of Sensual Massages

Thailand is known for its skilled, experienced, and very sensual masseuses. Most of them are well-trained in the arts of giving special, and highly erotic massages. We have a few examples for you, namely Lingam and Yoni massages, Nuru, tantric, and soapy massages, as well as body to body and prostate massages.

Almost every massage type you can pamper yourself with is available for both men and women. The exceptions to this rule are Lingam and prostate massages, which are exclusively dedicated to men. The same goes for the Yoni massage, a technique that targets the woman’s genital area.

Although you might not see past the sexual connotations of these sensual massages, you must know that most of them are practiced for a very long time. For example, the tantric massage is based on an oriental technique meant to relax and explore intimacy. When you get one, you can learn more about your own body, control your arousal levels better, and focus on a myriad of physical sensations you’ve never felt before.

Choose a New Experience

Getting a massage in your cozy hotel room can be an excellent opportunity for you to try something new. You won’t have to go through the usual steps for it. You can communicate freely and begin the session already relaxed and anxiety-free because you are in the comfort of your own space.

Maybe the idea of a soapy massage sounds too complex and messy to pot for at a massage parlor. However, that Jacuzzi in your hotel room surely looks tempting. You can put it to good use and invite an attractive and professional masseuse to work her magic on you.

Find the Best Masseuse for Your Needs

Numerous massage salons include luxurious options that provide relaxation, health benefits, as well as sexual arousal, stimulation, and release. As soon as you decide on the type of massage you want to get, you can search for a masseuse who specializes in giving it.

Do your research and call some of the most popular and renowned salons. You can tell them exactly what you want and they can recommend a few girls that match your requirements and price range. You can browse their websites and find girls you are physically attracted to. This is one of the many advantages provided by this service


Spoil yourself with one of the available intimate massages. Now you have all the needed information to choose one that suits your needs and feeds your most hidden curiosities.