How to achieve a prostate orgasm with the male G spot

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March 29, 2022
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For many years, men have been fascinated and enthralled by the idea that women get intense pleasure from the female G-spot. The questions that always follow this kind of subject are; What is its location? What exactly is it? How can one get there? 

Since the first mention of a female G-spot in the mid-twentieth century, most males have had some question that has been troubling their minds. How about us? Why isn’t there a G-spot? Why can’t we get touched at a spot and feel intense pleasure? The G-spot has been elusive, and it’s an endeavor that males spend a lifetime attempting to uncover. And besides, it’s not simply a ‘spot,’ it is a cluster of nerves that causes massive orgasms. 

So does that mean the male G-spot is a fairy tale? The male G-spot (P-spot) is not fictitious. It is just as genuine as that of the female. And, unlike its female counterpart (which we know because men have attempted to locate it for generations), it is far easier to find the male G-spot. The question now is where is this spot located? How come we can’t see it?  Most men have on several occasions used incognito mode to query Google, seeking an answer to the numerous questions on the male G-spot.  Well, the male G-spot is conveniently located between the bladder and penis. It is not easily seen because it is physically behind us.


Let’s start with a definition of the prostate. First and foremost, it is not a myth! It really does exist. The prostate is found in men’s lower abdomen, below the bladder. It is roughly sized like walnut and swells when aroused. The prostate is designed to aid in reproduction; and during orgasm, it releases a fluid that strengthens and extends the life of sperm. Stronger orgasms and multiple orgasms can result from prostate stimulation, and some men can even orgasm solely from prostate stimulation.



It is important to be slow and gentle with any type of anal play, especially when you’re just starting. Ensure your fingernails are filed and clipped short. (Just as you wouldn’t want spiky fingernails in your vagina, so also your partner won’t want them near his ass.) Before you start going backdoor, make sure you’ve had plenty of foreplay and your partner is relaxed and aroused. As I mentioned earlier, whenever he’s aroused, his prostate swells, so turning him on would make it easier to find his prostate.


Get him into position once he is ready. One of the nicest positions for prostate stimulation is for the man to sit with his back to the wall with some cushions positioned behind his back. You’ll have much better access if he places his feet flat and spreads his knees wide. You might even have your man sit in a small recliner, his buttocks slid right up to the edge of the seat. You can then crouch on the ground and stay between his knees.


It is Because the prostate is positioned inside, you cannot immediately touch it. External stimulation of the prostate can be accomplished via the perineum (also known as the taint!) or the rectum. It is a good idea to start with the perineum, especially if your spouse is hesitant. Even if you end up putting your finger into his rectum, it is still a good idea to start with some perineal massage. It’s a less direct technique (there are additional muscles in the way), so you’ll have to apply some force.


The prostate is around two inches deep in the rectal canal. To get to it, you do not have to dig too deep; it’s comparable to the G-spot in that regard. Slowly and gently insert your finger. Your hand should be slanted up, and your finger should be sliding across the top (beneath his abdomen) of the rectal canal. What you want to touch is a walnut-sized ball of tissues. And it feels different from the other tissues in the rectum,  therefore locating it should not be an issue.


Once you’ve located the prostate, use your fingertip to make a “come here” motion across the surface of the prostate. Gradually raise the amount of pressure as you did on the perineum, and constantly check with your man to see what feels comfortable for him. Once you’ve discovered the right pressure, experiment with a few different strokes to determine which one he prefers. You can try making circles with your fingers, holding your finger motionless and exerting pressure, or sliding your fingers in and out.

A short note: many men claim that they don’t feel anything when their prostates are massaged for the first time. Before coming to a conclusion, it’s recommended you give it at least three attempts.


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