How to give a Lingam Massage with multiple orgasms

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February 11, 2022
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February 17, 2022

Have you ever desired to have multiple orgasms in just one experience? Do you think that’s possible? Can a Lingam massage give that experience you are craving? Well, you may never know until you give it a try. Let us go on a trip of discovery to find out what a lingam massage is and how you can get multiple orgasms from it.

What exactly is a Lingam massage?

A massage practice that focuses on stroking the penis is known as lingam massage. Unlike your usual massage, the lingam massage includes not just stroking and massaging the penis, but also more advanced techniques that involve the testicles, and prostate (also known as the Sacred Spot). The essence of a lingam massage is not just to have a single orgasm. Rather it’s about experiencing even more pleasure as the massage progresses, resulting in waves of several orgasms. Multiple orgasms are not only for clitorises anymore!

This massage is made specifically for the pleasure of men. (There is also a female version, known as Yoni massage.) There is more to this massage type than the pleasure and orgasm it offers. One of the major purposes of lingam massage is to help people understand their sexuality and make them see it in a new light. In the Eastern tradition, self-awareness is a way to emancipation, yet, there is nothing wrong with being in a lingam massage solely for the pleasures. This massage has more than enough capacity to deliver this pleasure. A lingam massage is made up of a series of strokes, and touches that maximize your penile pleasure while working slowly but steadily until you reach climax.

How to give your partner multiple orgasms with lingam massage

Lingam massage could be performed in two different ways: either by tantric masturbation done alone by the owner of the penis, or a massage by a partner. It can be a stand-alone act or a precursor to intercourse. Follow the techniques below if you wish to perform this unique technique for pleasure and full satisfaction:

Make Your Partner Feel Relaxed

The goal of this massage is multiple orgasms, so you don’t want to be in a hurry. Lingam massage must be done on your partner while they’re in their most relaxed state. Allow your partner to lie down on their back in a way that they feel most at ease. You can place a pillow beneath their head or under the hips. You need to have easy access to all areas of their genitalia, so ensure their legs are spread apart and their knees are bent. Tell them to take deep breaths. This will help them feel more relaxed.

Urge the penis owner to take a deep breath

Tune in to your partner by doing the Bliss Breath together before performing the lingam massage. Simply taking a few deep breaths together will make you both feel at ease and align your biorhythms. While you’re giving them a massage, remind them to take deep breaths, relax, and enjoy the good feelings.

Massage and lubricate the area around the penis

Oil the shaft of the testicles and penis with your preferred massage oil. Before you proceed to the main zone, start by moving your palms up and down both thighs. Your partner would also feel more at ease as a result of this. Use sweet talks and make compliments on the features you are seeing and touching.

Now it’s time to move to the testicles. Massage them gently and softly. You can gently pull the testicles by using your fingernails to do so. Cupping them with your hands and fondling them with your palm.

Keep an eye on the balls. The type of touch that people prefer here varies tremendously. Some folks are more ticklish or sensitive than others. Before you start touching your partner’s testicles, it’s okay to ask how they want their testicles caressed.

Allowing them to reach a climax is a bad idea. Keep them on the verge of orgasm

Your partner may be highly aroused at this point and wish to cum. You should be able to tell if they’re approaching orgasm if you pay great attention to their breathing, how their body moves, and how they groan. Withdraw or simply slow down and urge them to breathe and release the orgasmic feelings they’re experiencing. It’s possible that the penis will go from hard as a rock to semi-hard. Do not worry. That’s how it’s meant to work.

End of Lingam Massage

Allowing your companion to climax with an ejaculatory orgasm or moving on to intercourse are also options for ending the massage. If your spouse is learning to convert genital orgasms into full-body energy orgasms, you can let them hold all their fluids as they practice semen retention.

Get Lingam Massage from Professionals

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