How to give the best Nuru massage to your partner

What is Nuru massage, can you try it at home?
February 2, 2022
Can a partner Nuru massage help spice up your love life?
February 3, 2022

What comes to your mind when you hear of a Nuru massage? Do you see it as soft, tender hands rubbing a slippery gel on your skin? Or is it the exquisite caressing of your lover’s body as it glides over yours? Whichever way you look at it, Nuru massage is a more effective seducing method. Nuru massage gives an unforgettable sexual experience. Do you know that Nuru Massage is probably the most fulfilling and intimate experience that you will come across? These amazing and tension-relieving massages originated in the bathhouses of Japan. The gel used for this massage has a very slippery nature, and this is as a result of the major constituent, nori seaweed. Nuru massage is the best type of intimate massage that can help you feel very relaxed.

We also wrote this article on what is a Nuru Massage and can you try it at home?

For first-timers who are not familiar with erotic massage, a Nuru massage is a sort of erotic massage in which the masseuse massages the client with her own body. A regular massage involves the use of oil, but in Nuru massage, a special gel that’s highly slippery is used. This gel allows the masseuse to slide their body over the receiver with minimal friction. Erotic massages, such as the Nuru massage, are centered on stimulating the entire body, with more focus on the erotic zones with the aim of arousing the receiver. There is a school of thought that believes that sexual pleasure is a cure for anxiety, stress, and several other conditions. And this is what a Nuru massage can help you achieve easily.

Can I Have A Nuru Massage With My Partner?

Nuru massage originates from Japan, it is a sexually stimulating practice in which the therapist and the person being massaged are both covered in Nuru gel. Yes, you can have a Nuru massage with your partner. Nuru massage has numerous benefits, and it can be practised by couples who understand the techniques of this massage method. You can also get help from masseuses who are professionals at delivering Nuru massages. At Bodybliss, we offer the best Nuru massage service in Bangkok. However, for couples that prefer to go on this sensual trip without a stranger’s involvement, it is very possible to get this done. Nuru massage by couples helps in building a solid bond.

As they are able to reflect on their sexual needs and help each other satisfy these needs, Couples who understand the benefits of Nuru massage make it part of their sexual lives.

How To Get Started With Nuru Massage

Couples can use Nuru massage as an introduction to sex. This is due to the full body and bare skin contact. It can also be enjoyed as a non-penetrative sexual act. For first-timers, it usually feels weird. However, do not stop there; rather, embrace it, then learn and practice it slowly until it becomes a natural experience between you and your partner. A Nuru massage is so intimate that you will feel yourself connecting with your partner in a more intimate and charming way.

You might be wondering how to best give your partner a Nuru massage. Do not be worried, as the steps and process are easier than you could imagine. In order to enjoy the benefits of a Nuru massage, you need to relax and follow every step thoroughly.

Prepare the kits

Since Nuru massage is a unique type of sensual massage that necessitates specific equipment; it is strongly advised that you obtain the necessary materials or kits. A gel made from nori seaweed is needed. This gel is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Additionally, it doesn’t stain. However, it can get messy.

Set up the stage

Once you have this gel, the next thing is to prepare the stage, which could be your bedroom. In order to save time on cleaning after the massage session, To maintain your bedsheets, it’s usually a good idea to buy a plastic sheet or Nuru sheet sets. You can also set up an air mattress if you do not want to make use of the bed.

Be Confident

Once you have this gel, the next thing is to In order for you to give your partner an unforgettable Nuru massage, there is a need for both lovers to carry out this act with confidence. Just have it in mind that no one is watching and your lover considers you to be attractive and romantic. Do not be in a hurry, as slow and steady wins the race! Additionally, it is recommended to take a shower before engaging in a Nuru massage so that you can enjoy every moment of the Nuru session with your partner.

The massage

To proceed, gently apply the oil or gel over each other’s bodies. Once you are oiled up, comfortably and gently glide over your partner’s body. Feel your partner’s body reaction as you massage his or her entire body with tenderness. While doing so, avoid the genitals. Caressing every part of your partner’s body, excluding the genitals, helps build up sexual desires that you would explore at the appropriate time. After you’ve massaged practically every muscle in your partner’s body and relieved the tension, you can move to the more erotic aspects. Massage the genitals gently, with so much tenderness. Apply more gel or oil if the need arises. Be open-minded as you gently explore the genitals.

Furthermore, always endeavor to keep eye contact with your partner. This will help you determine the parts of your partner’s erogenous zones that are more sensitive.

Consider getting a Nuru massage from professionals

Book a session with us if you’d like to have a pleasurable Nuru massage from a properly trained masseuse. It’ll be a memorable adventure! You can find the profile of these beautiful professionals on our website, where we provide the greatest Nuru massage service in Bangkok, as well as other services.