How to Make Your Love Life Kinkier? 7-Ideas

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Do you want to make your love life more exciting? This could lead to a happy ending for you and your partner. Then, make your sex life kinkier which can spice things up between you two. It’s also more surprising to try it out. It’s also an opportunity to explore it more. And once you get adventurous inside the bedroom, it can offer various benefits your relationship and for your health. 

But what first would qualify a kink? It is in general, a sexual practice that is not part of the convention. It is an act as a romantic talk, loving touch, vaginal penetration, masturbation, kissing, & oral sex. It is also referred to as anything that bends away due to straight and narrow.

Explore more of the benefits of indulging in kinky love making.  You wouldn’t know how it will make you feel better and mentally healthier. It’s about becoming more open to newer experiences, becoming less neurotic, and less sensitive to rejection. If you will make your love life kinkier, it could lead to more attraction that helps you grow and improve your confidence level. There will surely be a greater feeling of the relationship of intimacy and closeness after the sexy play. 

So, here are the 7 ideas on how to make your love life kinkier leading to more beneficial results after.

1. Try Different Positions

Be kinky in the best ways possible by trying various postures. This is one way of adding more hotness in your love life. Good thing that there are the kinkiest and hottest ways of playing with a partner. Try out some planking wherein you as a woman should like on your stomach while your legs are closed tightly. Now, your man will penetrate you from behind and handle you while managing and remaining composed. This will both of you enjoy more of the experience. Close position your legs will make it extraordinary steamy and tight for him while you also get more stimulation. This is also through the strong and frictional force.

The superhero posture is one more thing wherein you will stand while your hands are bent forward on a table, getting some support. Your man will have to insert the member right behind and will lift you and thrust you to and from. But, you’ll need to stay in that similar position. This will make you feel like the pose is out of the world. If you want more poses, try those coming from Kamasutra. This book has lots of positions and ways so that your love life will become kinkier.

2. Try Different Places

There will always be unusual places where you can make your love life kinkier. For example, the bathroom is where both of you can do things differently. Try to apply some soaps, lotions, shampoos, and many more for a watery, soapy, and dirty love making. Playing under a shower or in the bathtub will increase the temperatures and will offer a great experience. 

Just also imagine doing it in the kitchen. You are cutting some vegetables and your man will grab you from behind. Your man will bite you all over your neck and your back and he also plants you more with kisses. It’s something irresistible as it’s a temptation. You will for sure succumb to his advances.

On the beach is a place where you could celebrate life in abundance and enjoyment. Playing by the beach is like public fun. But, it’s entirely different with so many options around. Make out on the heated sand or behind a rock. Feel the waves that try to separate you from one another. That nostalgic and humid aura by the beach induces a fresh vibe in love life.

3. Present a Menu for Sexy

Why not try out using menus for couples? Write down your kinky ideas that may seem sound interesting. You and your partner could do the same. Once you’re done with it, you could try other things. Collaborate in how to do the scene together. Role play will help which will involve a little blindfolding, getting spanked, and dressing up. It will for sure be a sexual and funny experience. Both of you will work together to improve the intimacy and relationship.

4. Talk Dirty

Engage in some dirty talk in a good and old-fashion way. This is about playing through power dynamics which is very essential in kinky play. Say whatever dirty words you have in mind to your partner that will ignite the passion and push his button. But to a man, it is way better for him to check in with you first if the word “whore” is okay. Both of you should learn the powerful words in positive and pushy way possible. It’s up to you if you want to be seduced, ordered, and coaxed.

5. Get Wet

You may have just heard that urinating or being urinated on by a partner is a huge and intimate act. It’s also incredibly powerful on the part of the giver but is incredibly humiliating on the part of the receiver. While this is not ideal for everyone to try to make love life kinkier, it’s always something intriguing. Right under the shower, you can get your feet wet. Take some steamy shower together and ask your partner how feel if both of you peed together. It’s always in the shower wherein you can try it out as it’s going to be cleaned in two seconds.

6. Make your Bedroom Something Sexy as a Place

Set the mood for it high in your bedroom. Make it as extra cozy and extra-chic as possible. Remove anything that seems to detract from sensibility. It should be something that will turn you on. Invest in a lingerie chest or grab a chest, drawer, and spot where your sexy items can be grabbed easily. These can include massage toys or oils. 

Buy some sheets in bright colors which can be luxurious and chic. Experiment with colors and textures with the bedding that heighten the senses of you both. Red is something that will make you both more adventurous and sexier. Incorporate the lust color as much as possible. 

Get some heavy-duty lock. This is a form of mental deactivation wherein women will cycle in the arousal and will achieve orgasm. There won’t come out a mind-blowing orgasm if both of you are worried that kids or roommates will suddenly enter your room. So, use some regular lock that will offer an exciting and playful BDSM twist. Thus, your mind will come off at ease.

7. Explore some Spanking

This is no anymore new but this is a rather intimate way of getting into kinky life. It’s an actual bonding since it’s tactile. It also involves between the two skins. It is something that ignites fun and excitement because of power exchange. Begin with a light tap and a swat using your hand. Or, use some padded flogger from the sexy shop around. This is indeed an excellent way of easing things.

But more than these great 7 ideas is trying out a kinky massage service. Who knows this could fuel up more imagination for more fulfilling and more exciting love life? Just remember what others would say regarding variety. Spice things up and follow these impressive ideas on how to make your love life kinkier. Follow the desire standing out and entertaining the urge in a bedroom, or any place you want to do it with the one you love. Try out new things with your partner!