Yoni Massage

The ultimate sensual experience for women


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Here at Body Bliss, you can experience a form of tantric massage called Yoni that has numerous physical and emotional benefits. We’d like you to know from the start that getting a Bangkok Yoni massage is not all about sex. Our purpose is to properly use erotic energy to awaken every inch of your body and free you from harmful blockages.

Yoni is an ancient erotic massage for women practised for over one thousand years. It refers to the female sexual organs, which people used to think of as sacred temples. You can give yourself such a massage or ask your partner to do it. However, we strongly recommend choosing a professional masseuse who isn’t afraid of intimacy and knows how to offer you the full experience, technically speaking.

One of the biggest concerns women have regarding the best Yoni massage in Bangkok is their sexual orientation. We’d like to assure you that whether you like women or not, you can equally enjoy this type of massage. You don’t have to be single either because we use sexual pleasure just as a means to activate your erotic energy.

In an intimate setting of your choice, one of our amazing masseuses will use her whole body on yours (body-to-body massage) to immerse you in a state of complete relaxation, both physically and mentally. She will make sure everything she does feels good, and she will slowly begin to touch your erogenous areas as well. Your senses will be enticed with the help of aromatic oils provided by us.

Yoni is not necessarily a happy ending massage for women. Having an orgasm isn’t the focus of this tantric practice, but we definitely encourage it. In other words, the massage session doesn’t have to end if you reach climax. You can enjoy multiple orgasms and fully relieve yourself of all accumulated tensions.

You can choose a Yoni massage Bangkok located as therapy for those times when you experience low libido. The same goes if you feel pain or discomfort when penetrated. If you encounter any sexual problems such as vaginal dryness, and you can’t reach climax, we can help with that.

The techniques used by our delicate and tender masseuses are meant to spoil all your senses. They will not rush you, and they will offer you a full erotic and spiritual experience that has the power to realign your body with your mind. You are only asked to breathe in and out and focus on every touch. Being fully aware of what you’re feeling and letting go are among the purposes of this massage type.

Wait no longer and call Body Bliss for the best Yoni massage in Bangkok. You will immediately feel energized and vitalized after your massage session. You will find it easier to manifest your femininity and your confidence levels will be sky-high. There is no room for shyness or hesitation now. It’s time to give in and surrender your body to a masseuse specialized in the art of this tantric massage.