Step By Step On How To Give An Erotic Massage

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February 17, 2022
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February 25, 2022

Are you looking for new ways to improve and enhance your sex life? Do you want to give your partner a sensational and erotic massage but don’t know how to go about it? Read further, this article will help you with a step-by-step guide on how you can perform an erotic massage with your partner easily.

When an erotic massage is mentioned, people’s minds usually go to the hardcore scenes in porn. However, there is more to an erotic massage than just having wild sex through penetration or other means.

There are so many massage techniques that you can use on your partner and each type has its different objectives. Most people are used to regular or normal massages, and they find it soothing and relaxing. An erotic massage on the other hand is unique when compared to the conventional massage. Whatever the difference in these types of massage may be, the intention is to relieve stress and tension in recipients by increasing or establishing sexual arousal.

Most people prefer to get erotic massages done by their sexual partners, but this would only be the case if it is done properly. Unlike the conventional massage which could be painful while trying to release tension from the muscles, an erotic massage is usually softer and the sole aim is arousal. A man can massage the body of another man and relieve the tension in the muscular parts of the body, but he could fail to apply the same pressure when massaging body parts that boost pleasure and enhance arousal. That is why an erotic massage needs the opposite sex.

If you’re going to give an erotic massage, it should not be half-assed, you should give them a full dose of the erotic experience. Erotic massage has two fundamental components, and you must be proficient in both. The massage itself comes first. Then comes the sensual part.

By following these simple steps, you can become an expert in giving a pleasurable erotic massage to your partner.

Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

To get started, your partner has to undress while you set the tone for the massage experience. The next thing is to make them lie on the bed facing the ground. The lighting also enhances the overall experience, so you want to ensure that the lights are dimmed. You can get candles if the lights cannot be made to go dim. Good music can make the whole experience heavenly. Play cool music – the type that your partner will appreciate. If you want to raise your game, order a humidifier and fill it with essential oils.

Apply Erotic Lotions or Oils

Don’t just reach out for any moisturizing cream you can lay your hands on. Get a massage oil. There are different kinds of massage oil that are designed to enhance sexual satisfaction. You can use any type of massage oil as long as your partner finds the scent enjoyable.

Start Slowly

An erotic massage can start like any other massage type for the first 10-20 minutes. Your goal is not to get them to orgasm immediately, so don’t be in a rush. You should avoid massaging their penis, vaginal, or buttocks straightaway. You should try to help them relax so that they’ll be physically and mentally ready to receive the stimulation and excitement that follows when you get to their genitals.

Work the entire length of their muscle using continuous rhythmic movements with your hand. Make sure you fully work on a muscle for some minutes before going to the next one. Ask your partner if they are sore or experiencing any pain in a specific area, and concentrate your efforts there.

Start Teasing

After you must have massaged their back, neck, wrists, arms, feet, legs, and fingers. Now you can get down to teasing them. Get close to their privates but don’t touch them. Instead of heading straight to the nipples, start by massaging the breasts instead. Just massage the crease which is between their laps and private part rather than hitting the penis or vaginal directly.

Get Erotic

You should only touch the sexual parts after you’ve teased them long enough. At this stage, they would have been highly aroused, so even the slightest touch will elicit ecstatic moans. Making mild hand motions near her clitoris or stroking his penis lightly is an easy way to start. This can be followed by penetration, oral, or a hand job.

Erotic massage is a great way to express your love while also strengthening your emotional and physical closeness. After a relaxing massage, spend some time together basking in the serene and relaxing ambiance. You might wish to spend some time cuddling or taking a relaxing bath or a warm shower together. Depending on your mood, you may also want to advance to sex!

Get an Erotic Massage from a Professional

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