The Essentials Of A Good Erotic Massage

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February 11, 2022
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February 17, 2022

Sometimes, getting a good erotic massage can be more fulfilling than having sex. However, in the best cases, you get both. It is good to know the essentials of a good erotic massage because it acts as a means of de-stressing the body and relaxing all nerves.

The key to a good erotic massage lies in it being relaxing and offering a rejuvenating experience. Usually, the therapist applies gentle strokes and pressures to help release muscle tension. There are also techniques termed deep tissue which helps to reach the deeper layers of the muscle tissue. The aim is to help blood circulation and ultimately promote relaxation. Some of the techniques used by the therapist can help in forgetting the various worries faced in the world.

Erotic Massage and Intimacy

With the use of touch, candles, and massage oils, a massage can be made as erotic as possible. When it comes to intimacy, massage, especially sensual erotic massage, is often overlooked. For starters, the client-masseuses relationship makes for an enjoyable role-play situation for anyone interested in the kinky aspects of massage. The massage can become as erotic as possible depending on the way the client and masseuses interact or get intimate. Not to mention, there is something so sweet (and sexy) about a good erotic massage from your spouse. Their intimate touch, loving hands, and desire to make you happy all come into play when you’re together enjoying an erotic massage.

To help you experience the pleasure of a good erotic, sexy massage, we are sharing some ideas with you on the essentials of a good erotic massage. Keep scrolling for tips on how to set the mood for an erotic massage that will rock your world!

Setting the mood for an Erotic Massage

For starters, setting the mood for your erotic massage is crucial for success! This would help your spouse unwind and bring about a sense of comfort. It would also boost your excitement level for what is ahead. Your spouse’s success becomes your success when it comes to erotic massage.

It is noteworthy to always check the ambiance. When giving an erotic massage, the environment needs to be serene and comfortable for both of you. Irrespective of your skills in giving a good erotic massage, you need to be conscious of the atmosphere. An environment with a feel of relaxation and comfort would help your spouse feel calm so they can be focused on their intimate senses. This in turn helps to bring about a smooth connection between you and your spouse.

Do A Body Clean Up

A good erotic massage should be devoid of any distractions so you and your spouse can enjoy the moment. Your neatness and that of your spouse are also of the essence. You should give your spouse a nice warm bath. Baths are always a good way to start the night for an erotic massage. Your spouse should relax while the massage set-up is being done. The resultant effect is to warm up the muscles and make them relaxed before and during the process.

Prepare The Location

Your bedroom needs to be turned into an oasis. You can set up in any room, however, if kids are present, one needs to ensure privacy. The room or space has to be de-cluttered and clean. It is hard to enjoy the romance of a steamy erotic massage when the space you are in feels dirty. A clean space is needed for a good erotic massage as it is often different from the traditional massage.

Set The Lights and Sound

Tea light candles can also come in handy and they can be scattered around the room. To most humans, soft lighting usually creates a feeling of seduction and intrigue. Some decorations can help spice up the moment. Decorate with some rose petals, remember to also lay down some clean sheets or towels when using massage oils, and have some soft nerve-calming music playing in the background. You can also consider using a blindfold to avoid distractions.

Proceed To The Massage

Whether you are the giver or the receiver, a good naked erotic massage can be a great way to relax, romance, and connect with your spouse. Rub your hands together to warm them up. Ensure the oil is made warm in your hands before putting it on your spouse; you can also immerse the bottle in a bowl of warm water just as in the spas. The sole objective of an erotic massage is to arouse, therefore we must regulate the touch pressure accordingly. You can start with some long strokes with no oil down from the head to the toes. Touch lightly and calmly, so you end up just touching the hairs of the body.

Once the muscles have warmed up and are relaxed, you can then increase the pressure. Ensure to massage every area of the body. Don’t expect a massage in return as your spouse may be too relaxed and calm to reciprocate your gestures. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t reciprocate your loving gestures later on.

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