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Lingam massage is a common sensual treatment that is becoming increasingly popular. This concept was inspired by the Shiva Linga and its phallic symbolism. But how important are these ideas to lingam practitioners? What is the narrative behind this popular massage?

This article will show you some intriguing facts regarding the myth of Linga worship, how it was passed down until this time, and what the Lingam symbolizes. In the tantric tradition, Linga (Shiva or masculine energy) and Yoni (Shakti or feminine energy) are intertwined energies, which is why they commonly appear together during tantric or mystic sensuality rites.

What is Shiva Linga?

Linga is a Sanskrit term that means “symbol” or “mark” in English. As a result, Shiva Linga could be referred to as the symbol or mark of Lord Shiva, who was a formless Hindu god. Shiva is considered to reside within the “Atman,” our deepest self. According to Swami Sivananda, a Hindu spiritual leader, the representation of Shiva Linga or lingam as a phallus is a huge misconception.

Origin and Myth Of Lingam

There’s currently no consensus on the Lingam myth. The genesis of the Lingam tale, as well as how Shiva ended up there in the Deodara forest, are both mysterious. To describe the story as briefly as possible, Shiva disguised himself as a wanderer and proceeded to annoy some mystic worshipers.

He angered them by performing filthy, seductive moves while dancing completely naked with his penis in plain view. His seductive dance aroused the passions of the sages’ maids and daughters. Shiva wanted to put them to the test by posing as a filthy beggar and seeing if they could recognize him.

The sages, however, were enraged and did not understand what was going on because they could not recognize Shiva. They were blinded by illusions. They cast a spell on him to detach his phallus from his body when they realized the strange man would not respond to any of their questions. Shiva’s members dropped to the earth as soon as they said the words, burning anything and everything in its path. At the same time, an infinite column of light was seen destroying the earth and terrifying all living beings and worlds.

The only solution was for the goddess Parvati (adorned as a vagina) to serve as a platform for placing the phallus, which would be worshiped with music, offerings, flowers, and perfumes.

This is the most probable Tantric origin of the Linga or Shivalinga.

Cult of the Lingam: Origin

Before your erotic massage, ensure you have an idea of the services the chosen masseur or masseuse is The ancient Dravidians on the Hindustani peninsula worshiped a primitive version of Shiva known as Pasupati, the animal protector, who was portrayed as a phallus, since pre-Aryan times. The Lingam is a lithic-symbolic religion that dates back from the Neolithic period to Pasupati. While Europe was still in the stone age, the Dravidians in the Indus Valley were already enjoying a developed civilization, trading with Ancient Egypt. The rise of these civilizations is revealed through the studies of archeological sites at Harappa and Mohenjo Daroin in modern-day Pakistan.

Shaivism was the Indus’ principal religion, and seals have been discovered representing Shiva with an erect phallus seated in a yoga pose, in śakti ćalani āsana. He is also known as Pasupati, the Lord of the Beasts, or as Shiva Nataraja, the Dancer. Countless Shaivite symbols, such as swastikas, stone phalluses, snakes, unicorns, bulls, and the mountain goddess, can be found on terracotta seals. As a result, we can draw the conclusion that the cult of Shiva and the Linga was handed down to the Hindus by the ancient Dravidians.

The Dravidians practiced ecstatic dances during the Linga cult, which were orchestrated by a Shaman wearing the skin of a wild bull and a hollow skull, both of which are Shiva symbols. Shamans in different parts of the world have worn this type of costume.

The lingam as a symbol of creation

The Shiva Linga is regarded as a hallowed symbol by Lord Shiva’s worshipers. The term “lingam” means ‘penis,’ whereas the word “linga” means “symbol.” As a result, the penis is Shiva’s symbol, and Shiva followers respect it for its holy iconography and crucial role in human creation. As a result, phallic monuments are often positioned outside temples to demonstrate respect.

Whether they are carved by hand or occur naturally, phallic sculptures are generally constructed with stone. These statues can sometimes be made out of metal, sand, wood, soil, clay, crystals, or even ice. The most popular and regularly used materials are stone and metal.

The Importance of Lingam in Tantra

Lingam massage is a tantric therapeutic approach that combines spirituality and sexuality to create an extremely intimate experience. The goal of a lingam massage, whether performed on yourself or by a partner, is to experience pleasure in a somewhat meditative state. The goal of a lingam massage is not just to achieve orgasm, but to have massive sexual and spiritual pleasure.

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