What is Nuru massage, can you try it at home?

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January 27, 2022
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February 2, 2022

Have you ever imagined the pleasure and relaxation that Nuru massages bring? To be precise, research has shown that Nuru massages lead to a significant improvement in mental well-being after a Nuru massage session. Nuru massages are also helpful for relaxing muscles and moisturizing skin. In addition, healthy muscle tissues are built. Hence, Nuru massage is a unique activity that boosts and gives a heightened sensation; it also improves your vitality and overall wellness.

Where Did Nuru Massage Come From?

Nuru massage originates from Japan, it is a sexually stimulating practice in which the therapist and the person being massaged are both covered in a specific gel.. There is extreme physical contact between the masseuse and the person receiving the massage.This close contact produces powerful sensations that are beneficial to the receiver for a variety of reasons.

The Nuru gel used throughout this amazing treatment is an ancient recipe made from an extract of Nori, a type of seaweed found in Japan. A slippery gel is created by combining this recipe with other substances such as grapefruit extract, aloe vera, other plant extracts, and water. This gel is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.

Stay Hydrated and Take a Deep Breathe During a Nuru

It is recommended to stay hydrated after Nuru massage since it is an erotic massage. Muscle tissues can become dehydrated after a Nuru massage session, just like they can during an exercise.. During Nuru massage, you’ll have a lot of different feelings, and your body will be revved up. As a result, rehydration is enhanced by drinking lots of fluids after an erotic massage.. In addition, breathing is vital during a Nuru massage session. This is particularly important when there is tension in particular parts of the body. When getting the Nuru massage, it can be tempting to stiffen up and hold your breath. In the massage process, you should, however, breathe deeply to be more relaxed.

When it comes to Nuru massage, your gender is not important; hence Nuru massage is open to everyone. One can only imagine the mind-blowing experience felt as your body touches your masseuses.

Nuru At Home: For Couples

Nuru massage is also popular among couples, and it has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and revitalizing romantic love. Nuru massage is centered around various erogenous zones of the body to support sexual excitement between couples. Furthermore, it helps in building a strong bond between the couples as both partners can reflect on their relationship during Nuru massage. It gives the couples a serene atmosphere to think about their love without thinking of other issues of life which may be troubling them. Couples who understand the benefits of Nuru massage make it a routine in their lives. It can actually help spice up your sex life.

Nuru massage is a pleasurable and sensuous experience that you can enjoy at home. If, for any reason, you are unable to get the Nuru massage gel, we recommend using coconut or almond oil. Nuru massage can be very messy. A Nuru massage kit includes a big plastic sheet to roll around on! You can skip the massage kit and use oil and flannel sheets instead. With the flannel sheets, you don’t have to worry about staining your nice sheets. A mattress protector will help provide stability and control over the movement. If you do not have one, you can use a plastic sheet to cover your regular bed. Once this is done, the next stage is to proceed with the act of Nuru massage.

The Nuru Massaging: Process

Use just enough oil to create a good slide glide between your bodies. Once you are oiled up, explore dragging and gliding your body across your partner’s skin. As a first-timer, here are some tips. Make sure your partner is naked and comfortable on your bed when you do this. Apply the oil gently on your partner’s skin. It would be nice if you also applied some on your body to help reduce friction. Use your arms to support your body weight as you glide to create lighter sensations. Gently release more bodyweight into your partner’s body to create deeper pressure. Emphasize your tender breasts and nipples as they drag up and down on your lover’s skin. Tease your partner by gliding everywhere except the genitals until you have built up lots of anticipation.

You can progress to the sensual part of the experience after you’ve caressed practically every muscle in your lover’s body and removed the tension. This part can be initiated by simply making eye contact. Your genitals can begin to rub and touch one another, with the oil lubricating each movement. After they’ve been completely aroused, you can move on to penetration to bring the massage to a magnificent climax that triggers orgasm.

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