What to Expect for Erotic Massage First-Timers

Step By Step On How To Give An Erotic Massage
February 17, 2022
March 15, 2022

Having an erotic massage is a beautiful experience. You will receive intense sexual pleasure, or you might even be lucky enough to have an overwhelming orgasm. First-timers are always nervous before an erotic massage, as they try to anticipate what the experience will be like.

Dealing with the Anticipation

Are you about to have an erotic massage for the first time? So many thoughts will be flooding your head as you wonder about what an erotic massage would feel like. Would it be pleasurable or not?

Well, before the massage session, endeavor to make some research about it. Find yourself a qualified, well-trained, and highly professional masseur or masseuse.

You need your first experience to be a blissful one. Doing this is the first step to achieving that. Once you are satisfied with your findings and you believe you have got the best erotic massage expert, you should quit being anxious, summon the courage, and go for it. Have yourself treated to a beautiful erotic massage.

But as the day scheduled for the massage session approaches, you realize you’ve never visited a masseuse or masseur before and you have no idea of your expectations from what seems to be a long-awaited pampering time. Tons of questions would start flooding your mind, like what you should wear? How to approach them and what pleasantries to exchange? And many more questions. Well, here are some tips on your expectations from your first erotic massage, as well as some etiquette to help you clear up most doubts you might have and save you from any embarrassment

Be Prepared Before Your Arrival

Before your erotic massage, ensure you have an idea of the services the chosen masseur or masseuse is to undertake. Making such an inquiry would make you prepared and eliminate any awkward or embarrassing moments between your masseur or masseuse and yourself on that day.
You can reschedule your appointment if you are dealing with any form of skin discomforts like acne, sunburn, or other similar irritations. Under such conditions, engaging in a massage treatment might worsen it, so it is safe to reschedule and you might not be comfortable and confident during the massage because of your skin condition.

Don’t Go For An Erotic Massage When Stressed

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You shouldn’t arrive at the massage session all stressed up and tense. This would make the experience unpleasant and unappreciated because it would take you a long time to fully relax. Make sure to give yourself enough time to relax before you visit your masseuse for your massage. Don’t rush down after having a very stressful day. Give yourself time to relax.
For the sake of hygiene for both you and the masseuses, ensure to be clean and neat. This makes the erotic massaging exercise more pleasurable.

What to Expect On Arrival

On arrival at the proposed erotic massage session, you should expect to be greeted by your masseur or masseuse in a friendly, polite, warm manner. This would help you relax and be at ease to begin the process. It also gets you prepared for the experience.

After the warm welcome from the masseuse, expect to be asked about any underlying health-related conditions you may have by your therapist. The reason for this is to know whether or not you have an ailment that might restrict you from having an erotic massage. Once clear about your health condition, your therapist would then ask you about expectations and goals you might want to achieve with the erotic massage, whether it’s stress relief, help with any symptoms you might be having, or pleasure and relaxation.

Do I Have to Completely Go Nude?

Well, this is entirely up to you. You can either go nude or not. Several erotic massages only require the exposure of concentrated areas during the process. You may decide to have the other parts of your body covered.
It is inappropriate for your masseuse to force you to remove the parts of your clothing that you are not comfortable taking off. Whether you want to go completely nude or not is entirely up to you.

What to Expect During the Massage

Before the commencement of the massage, your masseur or masseuse will ask you to take off your clothing and give you a robe that you would wear to ensure you are comfortable during the massage. A safe space with several lockers will be available to safely keep all your personal stuff. To make you comfortable, your masseur or masseuse can excuse you to give you some privacy while you take your time to undress and get comfortable.
After undressing and getting ready to receive the erotic massage, the masseuse or masseur will start the process by beginning to help you relax. Expect that your muscles will be worked with different strokes. Expect some aromatherapy oils, which will help warm your skin and allow easy gliding of your masseuse’s hands during your erotic massage.
In the course of the massage, don’t be afraid to communicate how you feel with your masseuse or masseur. Whether it’s a feeling of pain or pressure, be sure to speak up.

Last Thoughts

At the end of the massage, you may likely get a glass of water from your therapist, make sure to drink it as it helps rehydrate your body and flush out toxins and wastes. The manner of techniques used during the erotic massage you receive will determine how you feel afterward.
Hopefully, we’ve dispelled any doubts or concerns that might have been bothering you about your expectations from an erotic massage experience.

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